Kamis, 23 Desember 2010

Severe Draught in Indonesia

The most important thing to survive is water. Everyone must needs water to do daily activity such as drinking, washing the clothes, taking a bath, etc. The water is very important specially in Indonesia having two seasons; rainy season and dry season. In rainy season, many big cities of Indonesia flood, and in dry season, many big cities of Indonesia are severe draught. Severe Draught in Indonesia is a big problem which has adverse effects to all element in Indonesia, such as citizen and goverment. The problems include economic, social and health.

In Economi view, Severe draught in Indonesia should makes price of food become more expesive than before. On the other hand, most of society cannot buy food Because they just get little income, and not enough to buy food which have increased. The expensive food is caused by harvest fail; farmers get less water to be supplied to their farm, the source of the water begin drying, and also the soil begin to crack. This condition makes farmers cannot plant, and it causes decreasing of food stock and supply. Of course, income of country will deficit.

The second effect is changing in social psychology. Although severe draught in Indonesia is only caused by changing season, but it can influence to social psychology. The increasing price of food may for middle class society to high class society is not big problem, but for low class society is become big problem. Their income is not enough for living fee, then may they will do everything to get money such as criminal. They think that they don’t having another choises. This atmophere make our country having friendly and kindness citizen become on the contrary.

The another effect of severe draught in Indonesia is healthy. People must get less clean and pure water. They will drink bad quality water causing bad influence on their health such as diarhea disease. This disease can be serious problem which kill people. This disease is caused by bactery breaking our lung. The goverment and society should handle quickly in other to avoid the disease by giving free medicine and detail information about that.
In conclusion, severe draught in Indonesia has many effects influencing our live such as economic, social and health. Many disadvantages of severe draught in ecomonic view; the price of food will increase, and the people cannot buy it, then the country get less income, and make our ecomomic country is not stability. Severe draught also can change social behavior which before good became cruel. Besides, the clean water is very difficult to find, so the people may drink bad quality water influencing their health. Through this essay, I invite you to be economical in using water because it can void the severe draught in Indonesia.

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